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Introducing QuickCable

QuickCable is your source for the widest selection of battery connectors, battery cables, tools, jump packs, battery boxes and accessories. We are the leader in the Energy Storage Industry because we bring new, innovative products to market. We are DC (Direct Current) specialists. Our components, assemblies, and systems are used wherever high performance and reliability are critical, in power generation, renewable energy, transportation, construction, logistics, and aviation. Our battery enclosures, racks and containment systems, together with related battery maintenance and safety products, assure the safe and optimal use of energy storage.

Engineering and Quality Assurance

Superior products start with superior engineering. QuickCable’s experienced engineering staff uses the latest CAD and testing protocols to create products that are reliable, durable, and will perform to the standards you need, or to standards such as UL or SAE that are required. Let us find a solution that is right for you today.